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  • PROJECT: Stacked

    PROGRAM: Public library

    LOCATION: Oslo, Norway

    SIZE: 17000 m2

    BY: Geert Folmer

    STATUS: Graduation project

    The original function of the library consists mainly of collecting information and building a collection, with the aim to preserve and transfer knowledge. The role of the library for the user is similar to that of a filter, the library selects information, qualifies it and makesitavailable to the user. The function of the building is here primarily to provide a quiet study environment where contemplation is made possible.
    The program of this library is divided into three clusters, one for staff, one for study and a social cluster for meetings. Each cluster is vertically organized which is creating literally layers in the design. The qualities of the spacesare strongly related to the different functions. This is done byusing different materials, the use of daylight and differences in shape and orientation of the spaces will have their own character. This large number of different areas should mean that for every type of userof the library the most suitable space in the building is provided. Only in this way a library that can function effectively as a place to work, meet and study is created.