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  • PROJECT: Spiralling

    PROGRAM: Museum

    LOCATION: Bratislava, Slovakia

    SIZE: 5000 m2

    BY: Geert Folmer

    STATUS: Master project

    An existing museum of modern art on a peninsula in the widest part of the river Danube had to double in area. The current building with a distinctive boat-like shape will have a spiralling new new route added along and through the existing building. Visitors make a trip where they experience the whole building, the arts and the environment in a new way. The external shape of the building is associated with the new route and is also based on the required light for various functions, such as a small theater, the welcoming entrance and café with roof terrace. The latter are in the top part of the building which offers a magnificent view of the river and the surrounding sculpture park. With the new sculptural form of the building the experience of it changes constantly, depending on the position of the sun and the way from which it is seen, the building itself will be perceived as an object in the surrounding park.