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  • PROJECT: Inner Beauty

    PROGRAM: Public library

    LOCATION: Oslo, Norway

    SIZE: 8.000 m2

    BY: Jasper van Oosterhout

    STATUS: Graduation project

    To put Oslo on the European map, the district of Bjorvika will be redeveloped. The harbour area is supposed to become the new cultural centre of Oslo. It includes main and public buildings like the train station, the opera house, the museum and the library. The Oslo City Council and real estate company HAV Eigendom have cooperatively organized a design competition for a new library. The library is not designed to compete with the surrounding buildings, but merely as a scenery of the iconic opera house and station, for these are to be eminent among the other buildings in the townscape. This logically resulted in a rectangular cube, a continuation in urban development of the old Renaissance city centre. In an attempt to attract tourists, the library building mirrors the iconic value: not the outside strikes, but the inside absorbs. This has resulted in the concept: two worlds of order in one mass. When you enter the building, you step into another world, realizing something special lies ahead: amazement. Inward focus; it is the interior with its organic design that stands out. A building that goes beyond functionality in order to serve local and national interest.

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